Traka Bridges The Gap In Data Center Security


With over 2.9 million server rooms and wiring closets in the U.S. alone, there is great opportunity for a serious security breach. How would your business be affected by a compromised digital infrastructure?

You think you’ve done everything you can to protect your facility from cyber attacks and physical security breaches, but how is your facility still vulnerable? Research by Uptime Institute showed that 70% of data center outages are directly related to human error. It’s possible for the personnel and IT contractors working inside your data center to make mistakes. Therefore, everyone must be held accountable for the critical systems being maintained each day. Traka solutions help you manage and track the use of server rack keys, contractor badges, laptops, tablets, hard drives and other physical assets, giving you total control and visibility over what is accessed inside your facility, and by who.

Problems Surrounding Data Access Control

Regulatory and compliance requirements regarding access to certain data is becoming a standard to ensure consumer privacy and protection. Some examples of these include, European Data Protection Directive (EU Directive 95/46/EC), General Data Protection Regulations, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, and ISO information security management.
With cyber attacks on the rise, the physical security within data centers is often overlooked. Although many sites have multiple levels of physical security, it typically stops once you gain access to the server room floor. At this point, management loses visibility over who is accessing specific systems, devices or hard drives. With no way to track access down to the specific user at a specific time, true accountability is lost.

A Traka Solution For Your Problem

A cost-effective solution for upgrading data security is by adding intelligence to the locks on server racks. Traka provides a range of solutions, such as managing the physical server rack keys, the electromechanical locks directly, or the physical assets within our automated locker systems. All come with the ability to control, manage and audit critical activity within your facility, bringing accountability and visibility where it didn’t exist prior. 
Physical servers, storage and networking assets are important to a data center’s day-to-day operations making it necessary for the keys to the racks containing these assets to be managed properly. Traka can provide automated and controlled access to authorized keys, which are distributed from a secure, software controlled cabinet. Authorized staff or contract workers utilize a PIN, access badge or biometrics, along with the proper permissions, to access the keys they need in seconds. Traka’s administration software records every transaction, providing full visibility and valuable data on personnel activity. And when staff knows that they are 100% accountable for the technology and data they access each day, their natural behavior is to act with more responsibility and efficiency. 
By integrating with your existing security, access control or other third-party platforms, all usage data and reporting can be centrally managed from your security desk. Critical actions in Traka can send instant notifications or trigger alarms, and Traka permissions can be synchronized to stay up-to-the-minute with your HR or access control platform. Ensure that items protected by Traka never leave your facility, by automatically revoking a user’s exit permissions anytime they are in possession of a key or asset.

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