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Get More from Your Loss Prevention Program

A retail organization’s loss prevention program (LPP) is a very real component within a business model that helps enhance the profitability of the company by effectively reducing unnecessary damages and mitigating loss. The challenge most retailers face is not making money, but keeping it. Money can go out the door faster than it came in by not having the correct controls and auditability over sensitive keys, inventory and other devices used in the day-to-day store operations.

According to a report by the Loss Prevention Foundation, over 50% of losses are due to employee/internal theft and administrative errors resulting in over $20 billion in losses! With a lack of accountability and human error becoming a growing issue, Traka has the solutions to help minimize those pitfalls within a business without disrupting the effectiveness of day to day efficiencies, it actually does the opposite and helps make a business more efficient and certainly more effective at managing these items.


Choose Traka

By adding a Traka key cabinet to your LPP, you are effectively able to secure all of the keys to cash drawers, offices and inventory storage. A user friendly interface will allow administrators to easily define assigned access restrictions to facility keys and assets; report usage, identify when keys and assets are taken and returned, and by whom; and automatically alert when specific items are removed or not returned on time, via email or SMS. This keeps everyone accountable as all authorized users are uniquely identified by a pin, existing access badge or biometrics and each user transaction is recorded in real-time. Additionally, you will gain visibility over areas that typically go unseen by extending your reach of your existing LPP. For example, if jewelry is missing from a case in the store or some IT supplies are missing from your inventory, items in the pharmacy come up missing - you can see exactly who had the keys checked out, at what time and for how long.

Traka lockers are a great customizable solution as well that help you manage your business more effectively as well, whether you need to store tablets or laptops used for store operations or hand held scanners, these items can be secured and automatically distributed to authorized users as needed. Features like device charging, RFID tagging and asset rotation make managing these assets more efficient by ensuring they get a device that is charged and ready to go and can protect and prolong the life if your investment. Data download/sync functionalities, HR database integration, fault logging and full reports, can make the day to day use of these items more effective by creating a process flow that fits a business’ needs.

Traka can integrate with dozens of third-party applications to help any business refine its most critical processes and makes administration a breeze. Through our API and Integration Engine, you can connect Traka to any number of existing systems, such as work order management, human resources, time & attendance, scheduling and more! This creates unlimited possibilities of how Traka can benefit an organization.


  • Reduced administration – no need to manually distribute keys, assets or log usage
  • Better control – allocate specific items to authorized users at specific times, and allow custom access rules, such as multiple authorization for more sensitive items
  • Increased visibility – realtime and centralized activity reporting, with email notifications and alarms to instantly alert administrators of important events, including overdue items

Replacing lost or damaged equipment, rekeying facilities and theft on all levels can make or break a business, as these all take away from the bottom line. By reducing overhead costs, employee downtime, creating visibility over assets and areas, and keeping employees 100% accountable Traka can work with your loss prevention program to help enhance the profitability of the company. To learn more about which Traka Solutions will work best for you, visit