Delaware Hostage Situation Reveals Why Tight Process Control is Critical in Correctional Facilities


It’s a rare occurrence that events at maximum-security prison will lead to prisoners taking correctional officers hostage, but in recent weeks, we’ve seen that it’s possible. Four prison staff were taken hostage in a standoff that lasted for many hours at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware.

An inmate population can seize any opportunity to revolt and put your staff in serious risk. Situations like this illustrate the importance of tight controls over keys and weapons in a correctional facility. Not only is it important to regulate and secure assets to protect staff safety, but also to have the proper processes in place to suppress any conflict as quickly as possible.
The management and auditing process for cell keys, guns, tazers, and specialized equipment is still largely a manual process, leaving sizeable opportunity for human error and lack of accountability. What measures can help ensure that the equipment intended to protect your staff doesn’t end up being used against them?

Lockdown Safety and Security

Visibility and control over assets and critical areas can help prevent a crisis like the Delaware hostage situation or provide better insight once a situation occurs and needs to be deescalated. Traka Solutions are centrally controlled from a security desk or any browser-based device, and administrators can see and control keys and assets throughout the entire property.  

With Traka’s intelligent key and asset management solutions, each user is uniquely identified to the Traka system via PIN, access badge or biometrics, helping correctional facilities implement a more strict access control strategy. The facility keys and assets can be automatically distributed from a secure, software-controlled cabinet or locker, meaning only authorized users will have access. All user activity is recorded for total visibility, and administrators can even restrict a user from leaving a facility until his/her sensitive asset has been safely returned.

Should a situation arise where a staff member feels unsafe or is forced to access a key or asset, Traka features an integrated alarm solution that triggers a silent distress alarm. This can be used to secretly alert other staff that there is a situation without making it apparent to any inmates.

Adding Efficiency and Accountability with Bodycam Management Solutions 

Bodycams are becoming more widespread in law enforcement and correctional facilities as an added layer of accountability. Traka’s bodycam management solutions offer an effective way to manage these devices.
Bodycam lockers allow you to:
  • Allocate a specific camera to each officer, and know exactly when it is taken and returned with real-time reporting,
  • Eliminate the possibility of evidence tampering with full upload automation and seamless process flow between officers changing shifts
  • Prevent officers from clocking out until cameras are returned safely or set curfews so alarms can be triggered when cameras are not returned on time
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