How to Maximize Employee Productivity With Key & Asset Control

In every industry, companies question how to improve organizational operations in an effort to boost employee productivity and maximize EBIT. Developing performance-based economic incentives and providing personnel with proper training are common ways to increase productivity, but organizations often overlook inefficient processes that greatly limit employee output. By intelligently managing things like keys and devices at the core of your operation, they can become tools to drive efficiency and increase the productivity of your workforce.

Traka’s state-of-the-art technology has been helping Fortune 500 companies and countless industries achieve these efficiencies for over 20 years. Properly implemented electronic key & asset management is designed to improve physical security and increase organizational productivity to affect the bottom line. Here’s how:

Eliminate Time-Consuming Key Audits With Intelligent Cabinets

Traka’s key cabinets serve as an intelligent key control and management solution, in which all user and item activity is recorded. Authorized users can remove or return keys in seconds, and administrators can easily determine who has access to each key set and when. The system enables administrators to manage multiple cabinets in different locations from a single networked computer, and can send instant text or email alerts to generate visibility on important events.

Furthermore, the system eliminates the time-consuming manual distribution of keys and recording of key access. Since the system automatically tracks who has every key at all times, locating lost or missing keys takes minutes versus hours or days with a manual process. Traka also helps prevent costly re-keys due to increased accountability of sensitive GMK’s.  Just like that – Traka’s system eliminates the cumbersome key management process, which enables managers to spend less time on auditing key activity and more time on higher-priority items.

Ensure Accountability & Eliminate Tedious Asset Management Audits With State-of-the-Art Lockers

The latest trend in businesses across the globe is protecting their sensitive or pooled assets, not only because of the cost of that asset but because of the sensitive information that is at risk should the device be lost or stolen. Organizations are spending millions of dollars equipping their work staff with the latest in technology in order to do their jobs more effectively. Traka lockers serve as intelligent asset control and management which allows employees to seamlessly access radios, tablets, laptops, weapons or other important devices in a fast and efficient manner.

Each locker’s intelligent software monitors contents, records who has accessed each locker compartment and generates activity logs to identify if an asset has not been returned. With asset access completely automated and recorded, employees know they are 100% accountable for the items they use for the time it is in their possession. This leads to more responsible and efficient use of company assets, and the employee’s work hours. Now managers can spend less time monitoring company assets and staff activity, and more time on business development, operations and other vital company matters.

Reduce Time Spent on Administrative Duties With Smart Integrations

The ultimate tool of efficiency in Traka’s arsenal lies in its ability to integrate with existing 3rd party databases. By syncing Traka users and access permissions with an established access control, human resources, or other third-party database, key and asset management tasks can be automated thereby removing the administrative burden of “another system”. By linking events, notifications or alarms across both platforms, Traka protected keys and assets can now become powerful tools to drive processes and employee efficiency like never before.  Properly deployed solutions go well beyond the keys, they help businesses make money!

Fostering policies and technology that raise productivity is critical for organizations to grow and sustain value in today’s business environment. Traka’s key control and asset management systems are an innovation that can help.