Driving the Critical Processes Within Your Organization Using Traka’s Intelligent Management Solutions

Basic key control and asset lockers are a good start to ensuring asset security, but only half of the battle. Traka’s innovative technology has taken many organizations well beyond simply managing keys.

Are your organization’s assets helping to drive critical processes forward, or has managing them become a difficult process in itself?

The ultimate value in Traka solutions is rooted in our ability to integrate with existing third-party systems, easing the burden of administration and acting as an instrument to improve operational efficiency.

Traka integrates with many of the systems you already use, like access control, work order systems, H.R. databases, time and attendance, fleet management, Active Directory and more, generating powerful workflow possibilities.

With Traka’s various third party system integration capabilities, administrators are able to:

  • Automatically enroll users into the Traka database
  • Instantly grant or revoke access levels to keys and assets based on the status of items secured by Traka cabinets and intelligent lockers
  • Immediately alert administrators to important events within your existing system utilizing automated notifications
  • Centrally manage all assets from familiar system environments to reduce administration overhead
  • And much more

What should you expect from a fully integrated key and asset management solution from Traka? Detailed below are the four areas where your organization can see immediate benefits.

Reduced Administration Overhead

From day one, a Traka system shows the value of its deep integration functions. Setup is seamless, as Traka pulls your personnel and user ID data directly from your existing databases. Users can access Traka key cabinets and lockers using their current credentials. Access levels and security data can be paired within security groups in Traka, making asset allocation fast and easy.

The real benefit of our integration workflows is that they are perpetual and in real time. For instance, when granting a new employee an access level in your current system, they immediately have the corresponding key or asset access privileges in Traka. This makes Traka your 24-hour key and asset manager that you don’t have to put on payroll.

Centralized Information Management

In an era where data is everything, it is critical for an organization to intelligently manage information on its security, facilities and personnel. Far more than the data itself, Traka can protect those assets that have access to that information. This bridges the security gap often found within organizations.

When comprehensive reporting of asset usage is added to the equation, those assets can be utilized and managed more effectively, thus making them more valuable to your business. Through a Traka integration, all event data and reporting can be centrally managed from your existing management platform or security operations center.

Data Integrity

When the accuracy of your data is compromised, it can cause big problems for your operation. If multiple databases must be manually maintained, there is greater potential for conflicts and inconsistencies. An integrated Traka solution feeds your core personnel or access management database, protecting the integrity of your current data while adding valuable information on the usage of your important keys and assets. Accountability breeds responsibility.

Process Automation

All organizations, big and small, need improved control over critical processes to maximize their effectiveness, efficiency and safety. Beyond giving you total control over your keys and valuable assets, Traka can be a vital tool in affecting the way your facility, equipment and personnel collectively operate.

Logic-based access control can be used in an environment where workers are required to check out equipment prior to entering a facility. As well as this, an automated lockout process could shut off power to a hazardous system any time a maintenance key is removed from a Traka key cabinet.

By syncing users and access permissions with third party databases, Traka solutions simplify your administration and make your assets work for you like never before.  Properly executed integrations go beyond keys and security – they are a simple, logical and effective way for businesses to save money.