Ensuring Safety with an Electronic Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Solution

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What Is LOTO?

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) is a safety procedure that is used to ensure that dangerous machines and/or equipment are properly shut off and secured prior to maintenance or servicing work.

It requires that hazardous power sources be isolated and rendered inoperative before any repair or service is started. The procedure can also require the locking of a device or power source and placing it in such a position that no hazardous power sources can be turned on.


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The Problem with Current LOTO Procedures

Research shows that over 95 percent of LOTO situations are managed manually.

When a manual process is employed, a series of padlocks are typically used to secure equipment, valves, power sources and more. This situation requires multiple padlocks to simply secure equipment and ensure employee and facility safety during repairs or servicing. Upon completion, each padlock needs to be unlocked with corresponding keys.

This manual process increases the chance of human error, exposes employees to dangerous equipment and can be fairly tedious.


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Our Electronic Solution

To improve this process, Traka offers state-of-the-art technology to ensure facility and employee safety.

With our electronic LOTO solution, a business is able to electronically lock down their machines or facility prior to maintenance and tag individuals in high-security areas.

Using an electronic solution to ensure LOTO processes are carried out properly simplifies the process, eliminates human error and expedites the repair or servicing process.


To help us illustrate the effectiveness of an electronic LOTO solution, imagine you are responsible for an oil pipeline. A maintenance job requires you to shut off section 1 of the pipeline while keeping oil running in section 2. Your electronic LOTO solution allows you to do so automatically, efficiently and safely (without multiple padlocks and keys). Engineers can then work on section 1 safely, while oil continues to move through section 2. Once the maintenance is complete, the pipeline is automatically and seamlessly reopened through the electronic LOTO system.

The scenario listed above is just one example, but this process is applicable to various industries, including those that must meet OSHA’s LOTO requirements.


Whether your business wants to improve its LOTO procedures or must meet the pressing demands of OSHA, our electronic solution will eliminate the risk of human error, increase efficiency and improve your overall operation.

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