21st Century Asset and Access Control for Educational Facilities

From preschool to graduate school, students, faculty and employees expect to be in a secure environment when the bell rings for class. A lack of asset control and key management can put anyone on the school’s campus at risk of theft, break-ins or worse, all of which costs the schools and ultimately the students more money. With many schools facing tight budgets and a lack of high-tech supplies, protecting what they already have is the best type of insurance to avoid excess replacement costs and rekeying issues.

Here are two areas where security can be monitored and controlled in educational facilities:

Restricting Access to Sensitive Areas


Classrooms, student housing, campus vehicles and offices are typically spread out across a large campus, making a manual key system difficult to constantly monitor. One common solution is to make master key copies for personnel, which solves one problem but creates another. It’s easy for keys to get in the wrong hands, which can lead to theft of confidential documents, intruders entering private dorm rooms and other serious security breaches. The safety of the faculty and students could be in jeopardy without the necessary security measures in place. Everyone concerns themselves with CCTV and access control, but what about master keys and back up keys in areas that aren’t practical for access control?

By implementing a reliable electronic key management system, access to these areas can be completely controlled, audited and constantly monitored. Keys are securely stored in an electronic cabinet that requires a unique code, badge or fingerprint to permit access. Once the cabinet is open, users will only be allowed to remove keys they are pre-approved to use. The automation of this process helps educational facilities to:

  • Produce audit reports on demand
  • Ensure key availability 24/7 without compromising security
  • Restrict access to certain areas without inconvenience
  • Hold employees accountable
  • Control vendor keys and badges
  • And more

The key vending process is quick and easy with an electronic key management system. Traka’s various key management solutions can manage as little as 10 keysets and up to an unlimited amount of keysets with the ability to integrate multiple cabinets across multiple campuses. This makes it easy for the entire campus to transition to an automated process without disrupting day to day processes.

Managing Equipment Storage

The technological advancements of the 21st century have made the use of digital tools standard in most educational facilities across the country. Teachers commonly rely on laptops, iPads® and other types of mobile computing equipment to run their lessons and their students often borrow these items to complete assignments.


These devices aren’t easy to come by for many teachers, which means ensuring their immediate availability and prime condition can be added stress. The risk of theft in a crowded school is high, especially with students and faculty quickly moving from classroom to classroom. A simple, manual check-in and check-out process isn’t enough to protect these alluring devices.

By storing items in an electronic locker, your facility will have better control of distribution and handling. In order to remove the items from the secure lockers, users will need to enter in pre-defined access credentials. The locker won’t release the item unless the user is permitted access, which cuts down on theft and damage by creating an accountability system. The automation of the lockers also creates real-time monitoring of usage, which means management will always know where an item is located. Protection of assets aren’t the only application. A secure place to charge their personal devices such as smart phones or tablets creates a convenient benefit for students attending school in touch with 21st century needs.

Evolving to an Automated System

Manual key tracking and asset distribution methods are time-consuming and unreliable, especially in a bustling school with thousands of students and faculty members. By implementing an automated electronic system that creates a permanent record of usage, limits access to only permitted users and allows for real-time monitoring, schools can increase their security and streamline operations.

Traka offers advanced key and asset management solutions for all types of educational facilities to ensure valuable items are secured and access to certain areas is limited. For more information about Traka’s management solutions, visit our Education page or contact us today.



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