Summer Security Essentials for Your Hotel Guests & Staff

Providing guests with the peace of mind that they’re safe and protected at all times while at your property provides a unique challenge in today’s world of social media and instant access to “breaking news”.  Access control to key areas within the hotels, including guest rooms, is extremely important due to the potential high risk and exposure a hotel can face each day with their own staff. The tourism industry is bouncing back nicely and hotels are growing at an exponential rate, which means concerns surrounding the security within those properties are growing alongside it. As hotels and resorts build these infrastructures, there are many standards to choose from when it comes to how to best control access within a property without disrupting the daily workflow. Yet, as the number of hotels continues to grow to keep up with the demand, seemingly, the security measures to protect their guests are not always receiving the same priority. With guests and staff going in and out of rooms at all times of the day, it begs the question, is my property doing what we can to ensure our employees aren’t running around with the “keys to the kingdom”? Do we have a good solution in place to control access to our sensitive keys, including guest rooms? Weak Access Control John owns a chain of hotels in a very popular beach town. During the summer he sees thousands of guests coming and going 24 hours a day, as well as a large number of staff members. His staff includes maintenance crews, front desk associates, housekeepers, and outside contractors, all who have regular access to room keys that at times are not able to be audited. On a very busy day, one of the hotel managers was overwhelmed with his daily duties and forgot to retrieve a grand master key from a housekeeper. This employee subsequently stole several items from multiple rooms. With no logbook or tracking system on the key, the employee was able to get away with the crime since there was no audit trail of the key ever being in her possession. Several of the guests sued the hotel for their lost items and John’s businesses suffered greatly. Prioritizing Security After this incident, John decided to take the necessary precautions to restrict and monitor access to room keys, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the installation of Traka’s advanced key management solutions, John can ensure that all of the managers of his hotels know where the master keys are at all times and who is in possession of them. In addition, with tools like key curfews and email notifications, they can ensure managers are being proactive to ensure keys do not leave the facility unnecessarily leaving the hotel at risk.  This staff is now also held accountable themselves for returning keys at the end of their shift. If they don’t, Traka’s system automatically notifies management. Hotel and resort management can now rely on the intelligent key management system to control access and ensure rooms and their guests are safe and protected. Intelligent Key Management Solution Automated key and asset management solutions provide 24/7 secured access for hotels and resorts, as well as:

  • Up-to-Date Key Auditing
  • Reduced Employee Downtime
  • Electronic Tracking System
  • Alerts if a Key is Not Returned Promptly
  • Low Maintenance, Highly Reliable Hardware
  • Automatic Key Vending with no Staff Issuing Necessary
  • Seamless System Integration – RFID, and other Security Systems

An electronic key management system improves accountability and alerts authorized users if keys are not returned within the scheduled amount of time. Key storage options are available in various sizes that can accommodate small hotels to large scale resorts. The accountability of an intelligent key and asset solution improves reliability and efficiency while also increasing safety for your guests and employees. Traka is a world leader in key and asset management. Learn more on how we can help your hotel or resort here.