Public Sector Security Series: Protect Energy Industry Sites in 3 Steps

The public sector touches a number of industries, including education, transportation, and health care. In our Public Sector Security Series we are shining a light on the importance of security through key and asset management in these markets, as well as their private sector applications. In the first part of this series we discuss the energy industry.   Protect Energy Industry Sites in 3 Steps Energy solution providers face unique security challenges in their work to give power, water, light, and more to the masses. Power plant, petrochemical plant, and utilities security managers must overcome the difficulty of access control of “unmanned” facilities. These may be monitored by site visits, however, whenever a site, or a sensitive area of a site, lacks the physical presence of workers it is vulnerable. This vulnerability can be reduced or eliminated when management takes these steps to protect their plant.

  1. Automated Key SystemThe first step to securing these sites is an automated key system. Although this industry’s use of conventional keys is common, so an automated system connected to their keysets can protect both the people involved and the facility’s equipment. Conventional keys without an electronic management system leave job sites open to greater chances of theft and abuse because the auditing process is not automated or regulated properly. Automated keys ensure only those who have authority may access the keys.

  3. Remote Access Control CapabilitiesOnce keys are in an automated system the next step is enabling remote access control. Monitoring keys and access capabilities would be fine if only security managers were omniscient. With an automated key system and 24-hour remote access control, security managers would be immediately notified if a key was missing due to loss or theft. This notification would enable the manager to take action and see who last had responsibility of the key to resolve the issue and protect the site.

  5. Asset and Vehicle ManagementCostly assets, equipment, and vehicles are best managed with automated key systems and remote access control capabilities. It is crucial these items are not left vulnerable. If a vehicle is damaged an automated system will allow the security team to find out if, for example, the key was held by a worker who perhaps did not report an accident and remedy the situation.

Access control is a major concern for the managers of energy facilities such as power or petrochemical plants and utility sites. By prioritizing safety and security of these locations through automated key management and asset protection this industry can effectively provide necessities like power and water to towns and cities around the world. Traka specializes in automated key management and access control. Learn more about how we secure the energy industry