Casinos’ Best Key Systems: Manual or Automated?

Security is high priority at casinos. In these vibrant and busy environments, chips aren’t the only thing changing hands. Keys, and whose hands they are in, are crucial to a successfully run casino. They ensure the security of cash, chips, and individuals. Strong key control prevents loss and fraud, and maintains compliance with gaming industry rules and regulations. Manual Key Systems In a manual key system, a casino employee, we’ll call her Diana, needs to move valuable assets to a secured area. She is granted a set of physical keys after signing the key checkout list. If one of these keys is incorrect, damaged, lost, forgotten, or stolen along the way, then Diana is in an adverse place.

  • What if Diana does not report the issue(s) with the key?
  • What if her signature is not legible?
  • What if she forgets to sign her name on the key log altogether?

The casino manager cannot determine Diana was the person responsible for the keys. The vulnerability falls to the casino as proper documentation of access is required by gaming rules and regulations. Resolving the issue is troublesome and time-consuming.

  • For Diana to return the incorrect or forgotten keys and replace them with the correct set takes time.
  • For the casino to repair a damaged key or lock takes time.
  • For the casino to replace lost or stolen keys, and to determine they are indeed lost or stolen, takes time.

The inconvenience of lost time is disruptive and costly to the flow of casino operations. Therefore it is a hindrance to their success as the valuable asset either takes significantly longer to reach the secured area or is completely unable to be secured due to the failure of the manual key system. Automated Key Systems With an automated (or electronic) key system, the example we just discussed would go quite differently. First of all, the casino doesn’t have to worry about a signature, or lack thereof, with customizable authorization and access capabilities. This feature protects casinos from fraud and upholds proper regulations. If the user has verified access, the system illuminates the correct keys, eliminating the hassle of trading keysets issued in error. iFob electronic keys are one-of-a-kind and unable to be duplicated, reducing fraud and access control issues. Tracking and reporting benefits send email or text notifications to authorized managers minimizing time lapsed for resolving issues when a key is malfunctioning, lost, or stolen. Casinos are faced with the choice between keeping a manual key system (physical keys) or updating to an automated key system (electronic keys). The future favors automation for the casino industry. These systems are best for casinos by:

  • Maximizing fraud protection
  • Controlling valuable asset management
  • Abiding to gaming rules and regulations
  • Minimizing human error
  • Reducing lost time

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