Mastering Plant Vehicle Safety with Key Management

TRA - Vehicle Safety Blog Post ImageTraka continued its commitment to providing access management and control of plant vehicles with the installation of its key management systems for the Roadstone, Slane Quarry. As an industry leader in rock excavation and aggregate production, Roadstone provides substantial support for numerous road and house construction projects annually. With health and safety compliance, along with vehicle security, Roadstone realized it had issues that needed to be addressed at the Slane Quarry. They turned to Traka to help with each, considering the size of the site and the types of machinery being used. Roadstone once used a paper-based log system for their machinery keys, which continually produced issues of key misplacement and inaccurate reports. Dealing with missing keys became a routine occurrence, along with the improper use of machinery and vehicles. With Traka, Roadstone got a solution that ensured access to these plant vehicles was available for those authorized and provided protection from those who were unauthorized. Roadstone now uses Traka’s iFobs to lock into ports within a Traka key management cabinet. The new key management system is configured with Traka software that allows definition for different users and distinct settings of authorization. This software allows Roadstone to use different configurations for accessing keys, with the ability to restrict the use of vehicle types for individual employees. Along with streamlined key systems, there’s now tracing for all key holders at Slane Quarry, as well as a full audit for all key transactions at the site. Access can be limited for different employees based on types of certifications and whether they are expired or not.  Different users can identify who has a particular key at each cabinet and find contact information that’s stored in the software database in real time. For instant notification, immediate alerts can also be sent out when there are key exceptions. Traka also helped with the issue of unattended keys being left in vehicles by replacing keys with the actual iFobs, which must be inserted into a receptor socket in the vehicle dashboard. Drivers are required to insert the iFob and go through operational safety checks prior to use. They are given an option if there is a fault, to which the vehicle can be immobilized and taken off the road. With Traka’s key management solutions installed throughout the Slane Quarry, safety and access control are ensured. Drivers are now held responsible and keys are no longer being misplaced because of Traka’s industry-leading asset protection systems.