Traka and Aronson Security Group Integrate Access Control and Key Management Systems

Traka has come together with Aronson Security Group (ASG), a world leader in end-to-end security solutions, to integrate their key management and access control systems, helping data centers meet compliance requirements and improving asset protection for numerous other clients. As a provider of access control and security solutions for a variety of companies, ASG was in need of key management integration, especially for its data center clients with major asset protection needs. Nearly 70 percent of their customer base in this sector was in need of a key management system to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and avoid penalties. With Traka, ASG found a great partner for seamless integration between access control systems and key management. Each working in correspondence allows system users to take advantage of a single interface for management, alarms and event control. According to Nigel Waterton, the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development for ASG, “The process for key management is usually pretty dysfunctional and takes an extraordinary amount of time. The Traka integration tends to remove all that.” For data center end users, the benefits of the integration between ASG and Traka systems goes far beyond just meeting compliance standards. Transactions have become much more instantaneous, as databases have been combined and downtime has been reduced, as data can be entered and maintained once. The integration also allows for the ability to assign unique access levels to different credential areas and facility zones. This gives end users a major upgrade in asset protection, as key holders can be prevented from leaving facilities until they’ve returned keys. Together, the integration between Traka and ASG’s systems has allowed for increasing value in ROI, reducing costs and eliminating downtime. These benefits are being experienced by many, even beyond the data center industry, and have been embraced by numerous Fortune 500 companies.