Casino Key Management: How New Solutions are Streamlining Operations

casino key operations Casinos around the world have long faced obstacles in performing day-to-day operations. The handling of so much money through numerous facilities makes operational security and efficiency critical for every casino. One of the most significant issues currently facing the casino industry involves the use of key management, control and procedures. In the Minimum Internal Control Standards for Class II Gaming, part 543, it states that documented access and the return of keys with unique identifiers, such as dates, times and signatures, are required. Because of these requirements, casinos everywhere are seeking advanced key management solutions to create the upgrades in controls and procedures that they need. Meeting Industry Requirements Part 543 in the Class II Gaming standards is not the only key-related requirement casinos are facing. As a result of rules differing by location, many facilities face varying standards from multiple parties, including federal, state, gaming and tribal laws. Traka has been at the forefront of helping these casinos meet and exceed the industry standards. To meet the Class II Gaming requirements, Traka’s key management helps casinos with streamlined authorization, recording, management and notifications, as well as maximized asset protection. The Expanded Benefits of Traka Casinos that have begun using advanced key management systems like Traka’s have done much more than just meet industry standards. These facilities have benefitted from an upgrade in processes and key control, as iFobs control access to assets and the system ensures easy management and superior asset protection. With greater efficiency all around, casinos are benefitting from a variety of advantages by using Traka, including:

  • Theft protection
  • Higher ROI
  • Remote access
  • Email notifications for key tracking

Total Operational Efficiency With greater protection from theft and higher ROI, Traka key management is helping casinos with two of their biggest goals and streamlining operations as a whole. In addition to the two major benefits, implementing a key management system often makes operational procedures easier for employees, resulting in less downtime and even more efficiency. Traka offers expansive options in key management for different casinos, as the size, specifications and goals of each require their own specific system. They provide solutions catered to the needs of each facility, allowing them to meet their industry requirements and enhance their operational success. Whether it’s reporting, email notifications, authorizations or a reduction in keysets, Traka has the systems and solutions to help casinos protect their assets, increase efficiency, enforce policy and improve operational processes. Review a real example of how Traka helps casinos; download our case study. Learn more about Traka USA Photo by Jim G