Reinforcing Access Control in the Utilities Industry

KeyDock4Numerous power plants and water companies worldwide have used Traka to secure their assets with key management solutions. Because large-scale plants have many employees and different access areas, protecting their assets and reducing downtime is always a chief area of concern. Traka continued its relationships in the utilities industry with a recent project for Bristol Water. As a world leader in drinking water supply, Bristol Water had Traka’s systems and solutions installed to help with their own asset control and protection. They supply over a million people with drinking water, while also managing reservoirs, treatment works and pumping stations. At the time, Bristol Water was looking for a way to ensure more security for their assets at all sites and areas of business. Traka stepped in to help by installing 23 key cabinets in total after a trial run with one was successful. They also set up networking from those cabinets to a central point that would account for all of the different key transactions. The 22 remaining cabinets after the trial run were installed in just four days, after positioning power requirements and communication links were determined by Traka. Since the installation of key cabinets and networks with Bristol Water, everyday use for the system has been smooth and secure. Their key management is now deployed locally from regional hub locations, ensuring that staff doesn’t need rigorous travel to get necessary access to different assets. Traka helped train representatives to work in an operations center, where they oversee transactions, add different users and run different management reports for the different areas of business. In general, Traka added a change in the organization, streamlining access control and making employees accountable for their actions. The success of the installation and networks at Bristol Water is just one in the continued service that utility management and power companies are getting with Traka’s key management solutions and software.   photo by golo