Traka Launches New Website for Casino-Specific Solutions

Casino operators and owners can explore key management options to secure assets and improve daily operations.  Traka, a leading developer of intelligent key and asset management systems, has developed a new website ( for casino operators and supervisors to explore advanced, customizable solutions, products and systems that help companies throughout the gaming industry. Throughout the casino business, high amounts of assets are commonplace in a number of facilities, including large quantities of cash, important equipment and more. Traka provides these casinos with process-improving, control-focused solutions, helping make operations easier for supervisors and owners all over. The need for key management solutions is growing, especially with increasing state, local and tribal gaming regulations. This includes Part 543 of the Minimum Internal Control Standards for Class II Gaming which requires documented access and return of keys with dates, times and signatures/unique identifiers. Traka’s solutions help casinos meet and exceed the increasing regulations and advance their asset control processes. With a new place to explore those systems and products online, learning about the possibilities is now much easier. Owners, operators and supervisors in the casino industry will be able to explore these solutions and learn how Traka helps casinos save money and protect their assets around the clock. The new website will focus on four key solutions Traka provides for the casino industry, including key management, facilities management, access control, and site safety. All four allow casinos to safeguard their assets in new ways by taking advantage of state-of-the-art systems. In addition to application-specific information for casinos, the new website also features the ability to explore Traka’s advanced product-line, including key cabinets, lockers, software, accessories and more. These offerings from Traka have already helped other casinos improve elements such as reporting, downtime, processes and uniform key control.