Traka Joins Security Leaders at The Great Conversation

GCIndustry leaders in security risk mitigation and organizational resilience are getting together this spring to advance the future of security operations.  At The Great Conversation, during the 2013 ASG Security Summit & Expo, we will join other leaders, solution providers and practitioners to discuss the future of leadership, planning and implementation in security operations. At Traka, our role as an industry pioneer in key management allows us to support The Great Conversation. As one of the many sponsors, this support has assisted with the growth of the event, which is expanding to provide more training and unique opportunities for the industry’s future leaders. Taking place on March 5, 2013, The Great Conversation is meant to influence the outlook of security risk mitigation and organizational resilience with questions and in-depth discussions on security strategies, as well as the best processes for leadership and implementing security changes in different fields. The event also serves as an opportunity to influence products, solutions and innovation throughout the industry, with the strong lineup of vendors and manufacturers on hand. For more information on The Great Conversation at the 2013 ASG Security Summit & Expo in Seattle, WA, click here.