Your business is technology, and you’ve done everything to physically protect your critical data facilities – chosen the proper location, built a secure structure, limited entry points, and installed cameras, redundant power systems and layers of interior security. After taking all of these strict measures, where is your organization still vulnerable?

The personnel and IT contractors working inside your data center must be held fully accountable for the critical systems they maintain each day. Traka’s Rack Manager solution provides electronically controlled access to every server rack door in your data center, and a complete audit trail over all user activity. This secure, efficient and reliable management system is completely scalable to meet the needs of your evolving corporate infrastructure.

By integrating Rack Manager into an existing access control or HR platform, Traka can extend these systems to manage areas of your operation that were previously out of reach. Traka’s total management solutions, which include proven key and asset management, bridge the gap in integrated security strategies. It is why many of the world’s leading tech companies choose Traka to be part of their security strategy.

What to expect with a Rack Manager system from Traka:

  • Ability to manage up to 100 server rack doors from a single touchscreen interface
  • Authorized users can quickly and easily gain access via PIN, proximity card or biometrics
  • Make rack doors accessible to authorized users only at specific times, or require double authorizations for highly-critical systems
  • A complete audit trail of every user and door action is retained, and can be recalled via customized reporting
  • Notifications and alarms can instantly alert administrators to important events, such as doors being left open beyond a curfew period
  • Integrate with third-party databases and systems to drive processes, and to prevent personnel from badging out before all doors are secured
  • Manage data racks, Traka key cabinets and lockers using one management platform – Traka Web

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Note: Rack Manager is a new product currently only available for POC projects.