Traka Integrations – AMAG Symmetry

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Now your Symmetry system can manage access to your business keys and physical assets, such as laptops, tablets, radios, PDAs and weapons, in addition to your access control and other integrated systems.

With our latest integration to Symmetry from AMAG Technology, Traka gives you seamless day-to-day operation of our key and asset management solutions. Administrators can now automatically enroll Symmetry users into the Traka database, assign Reader Groups for access to Traka cabinets and lockers, and receive Traka events and alarms back into Symmetry for centralized control.

For integrated enterprise-level organizations, our Symmetry integration gives you the regionalization necessary for effective and efficient management, without adding any burden to your global, top-level security administration. Traka puts total control right where you need it, giving your keys and assets the potential to help drive your most critical processes. 

  • Single credential used for both door access and keys/assets secured by Traka
  • Seamless integration allows Traka system administration from familiar Symmetry environment
  • Automated user enrollment
  • Define Traka user permissions based on SymmetryReader Groups
  • Significant reduction in administration overhead
  • Complete data integrity between Traka and Symmetry
  • Individual and group-level updates to the Traka system in real time
  • Traka events and alarms exposed to Symmetry in real time
  • Control of user’s facility access permissions based on Traka item status – for example, employees cannot leave a facility prior to returning keys to the Traka cabinet

The above diagram illustrates a simple, yet powerful Traka integration at a single facility, but it can also be deployed on a global scale. The Traka Integration Engine can operate over a wide area network to centralizethe administration of numerous locations around the world, for a truly integrated solution.

Organizations can now extend their access control functionality by directly tying cardholder identities to any number of physical assets, like keys, devices and vehicles. When doing so, Symmetry extends the reach of your access control, and users now become fully accountable for items they have checked out, resulting in less loss, less damage and less time spent managing those assets.

Traka adds asset control to your existing access control system, to drive critical processes and make your keys and assets work for your business like never before. Call us today to learn how Traka will customize the perfect management strategy for your organization.

For the unique needs of your business

Want to learn more about how an integrated Traka solution can help extend the value of your AMAG system? Contact us to consult with a Traka integration expert.