Active Directory

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With our integration to Active Directory, organizations can extend their single sign-on system to efficiently manage keys and assets, making administration effortless.

Our Active Directory integration is all about automating the administration tasks for an organization. With so many companies using Active Directory, it's a natural choice as a source to synchronize Traka user credentials and access permissions.

Traka users are easily populated from AD user accounts, and access permissions can be assigned at the user level, or assigned to a specific user group. User authentication can be achieved by using existing access card credentials, employee ID number, PIN or even via a fingerprint reader.

Any changes made within the Active Directory system will be communicated to all Traka cabinets and lockers. This ensures that with no added administration, new staff are automatically added to the Traka system with the proper access rights. Inversely, as soon as a user is terminated within Active Directory, Traka receives this update and removes all access permissions associated with that user.

Traka's Active Directory integration gives you the simple and effective tools necessary for efficient asset management, without adding any burden to your security administration. Traka handles the distribution and collection of your important keys and assets, while keeping an audit trail over every transaction.