Process Control

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Use your keys and assets to drive the processes at the core of your business.

There is much more to Traka than what you see on the outside. By integrating Traka into the systems you already use, your keys and assets can now become important tools in driving the daily processes and behaviors that matter most to your business.

Every organization has important processes and procedures which are designed to promote productivity, efficiency and safety. Traka can greatly enhance these processes by integrating the day-to-day use of your sensitive keys and assets. By integrating Traka into an existing system, it can not only streamline administrative processes, but also be used as an instrument to drive the processes critical to your business.

For example, prisons can use Traka solutions to enforce safety protocols for guards. Intelligent lockers ensure that each staff member is provisioned with the proper safety equipment, such as a radio, tazer, bodycam and duress alarm, prior to being granted access to dangerous areas. Only once the equipment is checked out from Traka, does the guard's status change in the access control platform to grant him/her access.

How can your keys and assets provide more value to your business through intelligent process control? Talk to one of our integration experts to find out!

Traka’s process control solutions help in a number of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Production and Assembly
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Theme Parks
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas

Traka’s Process Control Benefits

  • Removes the opportunity for human error in manual processes
  • Fault notifications can generate automatic alerts to initiate a service request
  • Key pairing ensures that sensitive keys never leave the facility – user must submit their personal keys in order to release the work keys
  • Ensure that all power is off and cannot be reactivated until engineers have completed hazardous work and returned their keys
  • Make sure workers have been provisioned proper safety equipment before being granted access to dangerous areas
  • Ensures processes remain safe and secure at all times
  • Greatly reduce administrative overhead by automating daily processes 
  • And much more…