Intelligent Key Management

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Control access and maintain accountability with intelligent key management.

Traka’s key management solutions turn conventional keys into clever keys that do much more than just open doors. They become a critical tool in increasing accountability and visibility over your facilities, vehicles, tools and equipment.

We find physical keys at the core of every business, for controlling access to facilities, fleet vehicles and sensitive equipment. When you can control, monitor and record your company’s key use, your valuable assets are more secure than ever before.

Beyond securing and managing access to keys, Traka solutions can generate unique workflows that support the important processes of your business – require a secondary authorization for master keys, pair key sets to guarantee the lockout of hazardous systems during maintenance, or set curfews which automatically send notifications to administrators, managers or users.

Managed by Traka, the key inventory you already have goes beyond being a tool to unlock a door or start a vehicle, it becomes an instrument to influence the core of your daily operations. Integrated Traka key systems have the flexibility, scalability and customization options to benefit any size organization.


"Clever" Keys vs. Conventional Keys

The problem with conventional keys is that they are hard to manage and track. Although keys may not be a high-value item to replace, when you consider what the keys control – buildings, facilities, equipment, vehicles or confidential documents – keys could be the most valuable assets within the organization. If keys get into the wrong hands, not only is it an expensive process to rekey the facility, but it can also compromise the security and safety of the entire organization.

Traka’s solution is simple. Keys, or keysets, are permanently attached using a tamper-proof security seal to a metal iFob – a strong and reliable nickel-plated brass cylinder, built to IP67 standards, containing a uniquely identifiable electronic chip. The tagged iFob then locks into a receptor strip within the key cabinet until released by an authorized user. Traka software retains a complete audit trail over every key transaction, giving you complete control and visibility over protected keys.

Traka’s Intelligent Key Management Benefits

  • Keys are available 24/7 to authorized staff only
  • Authenticated users can gain access to authorized keys in seconds, greatly reducing shift startup times and administrative overhead
  • Keys no longer need to be labelled - if they get dropped or lost, there is no immediate identity issue and security risks are minimized
  • Instantly identify keys that have not been returned
  • See which user has accessed a key, and when
  • Notify a manager via email or SMS text alerts to critical events
  • Easily integrate with existing 3rd party systems to reduce administration and drive processes 
  • And much more…