Equipment Management

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Protect and track company assets with our intelligent locker solutions.

Traka’s equipment management solutions provide secure storage and advanced management for sensitive assets and devices, with strictly controlled access and complete traceability.

It’s likely that daily tasks critical to your business’ success require staff use of expensive devices and equipment. If these items are not readily available, staff can’t perform their jobs, customers’ needs aren’t met, safety obligations can’t be fulfilled and efficiency is drastically compromised. With the use of our intelligent locker systems and Traka Web management software, Traka offers unparalleled asset security and monitoring to virtually any environment.

Traka’s intelligent systems are a solution to these common equipment management problems:

  • Costly/frequent replacement of inventory
  • Downtime wasted on locating devices
  • Lower operational efficiency
  • Lowered staff productivity
  • Increased administration time
  • Individual frustrations of not having properly functioning job equipment

Traka’s equipment management solutions provide a reliable option for any organization. With unique user authentication, customizable permissions and detailed usage reporting, you can secure and manage all of your valuable assets while increasing user accountability.

Traka’s Equipment Management Benefits

  • Authorized and controlled access of equipment
  • Traceable assets leading to fewer losses and theft
  • Lower operating costs with less time spent searching for assets
  • Complete staff accountability
  • RFID tagging enables per-device tracking for the ultimate in accountability and administrative control
  • Easy integration with existing 3rd party systems to reduce administration and drive processes
  • And much more…