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Notices Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Traka remains operational to support our critical and essential businesses - Click here to learn more.

Click here for a statement regarding COVID-19, and the measures we are taking to minimize risk to our staff, customers and partners.

If you have any questions regarding proper cleaning prcedures for your Traka sysems, please download the Traka Systems Cleaning Guidance document.

Intelligent Management Systems for Keys & Equipment

Traka systems enable you to secure, manage and audit the use of almost any physical asset, including keys, electronic devices, secure areas, equipment, machinery and vehicles. Traka provides intelligent key and equipment management to better protect your important assets – resulting in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, less damage and fewer losses, which in turn means less administration and lower operating costs.

Traka solutions work for any industry!

Beyond simply controlling access to physical keys and assets, Traka solutions can bridge the gap in existing security strategies and empower any organization to improve the processes that affect its bottom line. An integrated Traka solution can help your business increase operational efficiency, maximize utilization and strictly enforce security and safety protocols – all from the systems you currently use.

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