Property Management

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Protecting your property and secure your investment with Traka.

Traka solutions provide complete control and accountability over commercial and residential property assets, such as keys, vendor badges, pooled assets and fleet vehicles.

Securing a commercial or residential property and its valuable assets is not an easy task. With potentially hundreds of private units, shared facilities, fleet vehicles and maintenance equipment, it can quickly consume valuable administrative resources.

Traka efficiently bridges the gap in many security strategies, providing automated and controlled access to keys, radios, laptops, tablets, vehicles, tools, specialized devices and more. Through our software-controlled key cabinets and lockers every activity is recorded, generating more responsible users and complete visibility for your protected items.  

Traka’s secure key cabinets and locker systems can be managed from any authorized computer or device on your local or wide area network. The time of every user and asset action is recorded, providing full user accountability, better visibility of your key and asset activities, and the valuable usage data you need.

Our solutions can integrate into your existing database or third-party platforms, making administration easy, and enabling real time workflows that improve your operational processes.

Traka’s Benefits to Property Management:

  • Reduced administration – no need to manually distribute keys or log use
  • Monitor user activity – each user is identified through PIN, access badge or biometrics
  • Better control – allocate specific items to authorized users at specific times and allow custom access rules such as double or triple authorizations
  • Increased visibility – real time, centralized reporting, with email notifications and alarms of important events
  • Integration functions – integration with third-party databases and systems that you may already have in place to lower administration and drive process

What Our Property Management Features Look Like:

  • Manage and control the use of laptops, tablets, tools, unit keys, vendor badges, restricted areas, vehicles and more
  • Real time and centralized activity reporting
  • Automatic email/SMS notifications to alert administrators on key events
  • Collect valuable data on item usage to reduce inventory