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Custom solutions for a healthy operation.

Traka helps hospitals stay secure, safe and efficient by providing a better way to manage physical keys, vendor badges, laptops and tablets, fleet vehicles, drugs and hazardous materials, and more.

Securing a busy hospital and its valuable assets is not an easy task. With many sensitive areas, hundreds of rooms, and multiple shift changes, it can quickly consume valuable administrative resources and lose effectiveness.

Traka efficiently bridges the gap in many security strategies, providing automated and controlled access to keys, radios, laptops, tablets, vehicles, tools, specialized devices and more. Through our software-controlled key cabinets and lockers every activity is recorded, generating more responsible users and complete visibility for your management team.

Traka’s secure key cabinets and locker systems can be managed from any authorized computer or device on your network. The time of every user and asset action is recorded, providing full user accountability and valuable usage data.

Our solutions can integrate into your existing HR database or access control platform, making administration easy, and enabling realtime workflows that improve your operational processes. Traka extends the reach of traditional access control by giving you complete control over your master keys, vendor badges, pooled assets and fleet keys like never before. 

Key Management

  • Define unique access restrictions to facility keys and sensitive areas for better security
  • Report key usage, identify when keys are taken and returned, and by whom
  • Automatically alert when keys are not returned on time, via email or text
  • Report on mileage, fuel, hours used, and even where an emergency vehicle is parked
  • Automatically prevent access to emergency vehicles with reported issues or that are scheduled for maintenance

Asset Management

  • Manage and control the use of laptops, tablets, radios, tools, vehicles and specialized medical equipment
  • Secure items like medical records, in our intelligent lockers and only distribute to authorized users
  • Create a controlled environment, utilize multiple authorization where appropriate to maximize safety and security
  • Collect valuable data on item usage to reduce medical facility inventory