Keeping the workforce mobile

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Today’s workforce is increasingly dependent on mobile technology to improve customer services and boost productivity, whilst seamlessly integrating with organisations IT systems for maximum efficiency.

Heavy reliance on such assets from mobile phones to tablets, laptops and scanners increases demand for intelligent storing, charging and auditing to ensure they are only available instantly and ready to use.

Described as the most ‘essential’ piece of kit for mobile workers and often a lifeline for an organisation, secure management of the technology is also critical not only for the cost and resource implications of loss but also the ‘often confidential’ data stored.

Traka is working closely with a variety of industry sectors to ensure the management of assets is safe, secure, pre-configured and ready to use, even for the most remote workers.

Traka Lockers provide a unique technology mix:

  • Secure storage
  • Data transfer functionality
  • Intelligent charging option
  • Fault reporting
  • Faulty item exchange
  • Instant audit control capability
  • RFID based traceability

Potential scenario: Field Service Engineer (FSE)

A Field Service Enginner (FSE) is issued with a tablet. The asset is used to download work orders, obtain customer data and fulfil workflows through to completion of the task.

Currently, should the assets fail, or incur damage, the FSE is forced to return to a central location to source a replacement/repair. Such activity is not only costly and non-productive but may also lead to:

  • The breach of contractual response times due to the delay in swapping out the asset.
  • Potential to incur significant fines as a result of a contractual breach
  • The cost of having the FSE “off the road” for unscheduled periods of time
  • Adverse effect on customer relationships due to extended response times
  • Additional administration overhead caused by the rescheduling of service personnel
  • A significant increase in Carbon Footprint

Traka locker solutions address these issues by establishing a secure storage system, positioned at the desired location, with authorised access control, fault reporting enabled and instant audit control capability.