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The V-Touch key management system by Traka brings all the traditional benefits of our core Touch systems in a neat compact design.

The V-Touch has been designed to manage critical keys at multiple locations where space is at a premium and only a few keys need to be managed. This could include ships and remote locations requiring maintenance.

The system can accommodate up to 5 sets of keys and has a range of other features. There is a minimum order quantity for this product.

Keys are readily available 24/7

Access by authorised users only

7” touch screen

Full audit trail of all users and key transactions

Secure storage and management for up to 5 keys

Easy access via PIN code, card reader and biometric fingerprint reader

Battery backup

Soft close-down with no data loss in the event of long term power failure


  • Secure unit with controlled access to authorised users only
  • Full audit so you know who has had what keys and when
  • Can be networked with other Traka solutions for centralised control of your valuable keys
  • Usage reports accessed via TrakaWEB software


  • Full network capability and management
    through TrakaWEB
  • Centralised administration and reporting
With Traka Touch we have been able to quickly and easily improve our key management at store level. We are planning to install a system at every one of our stores. It’s a brilliantly simple but effective solution which makes efficient key management incredibly straightforward for both staff and managers. What’s more, because it’s standalone, it is easy to deploy locally without having to involve staff from the corporate IT team or head office.

Traka Touch customer