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At Traka, we’ve had the pleasure of providing solutions to several universities, each with their own unique needs. Discover in this article how intelligent key management can ease your campus operations.

A university campus is a busy and bustling environment made up of faculty, staff, students, and a large volume of keys and equipment needed to support the institution. How do you manage these various assets and resources effectively, though? University campuses of all sizes often face low efficiency due to poor asset management. When management solutions have a lack of scalability, ease-of-use and accountability, the result is a loss of time and money.


How can Traka’s intelligent asset management solutions enable efficiency for universities?


When keys are misplaced or a sensitive asset is missing, it can create a great liability for your institution. You need to tightly control campus access for the safety of students, and keep devices tightly controlled to reduce inventory and replacement costs.

Most campuses deal with this by centralising their resources, such as in a security office, but this presents its own set of problems. How much time is wasted manually keeping track of who has what keys? How long do employees have to wait in line just to start up their typical workday? When people are in a rush to leave work, how likely are they to return keys all the way across campus before they go home?

This is why Traka promotes a fully automated, decentralised solution for campuses. By securing your keys and assets where they’re needed most, you create a more streamlined solution that reduces employee startup times and provides more transparency than overseeing your operations manually. With Traka solutions, key cabinets across your campus are centrally managed from any authorised device and all user and item transactions are stored to a central database. This gives you better efficiency, more visibility, and most importantly, peace of mind.


Every campus wants to be continually growing to better meet the needs of its students. Unfortunately, manual key management systems make this difficult for most universities. When new department buildings are constructed, they require keys for new locks. The bigger the campus, the larger the faculty, ultimately increasing the number of keys needed to run day-to-day operations.

If you’re already losing time and money to inefficient operations, you can now multiply that loss by however many new buildings and people you’re adding to your campus. If there’s no easy way to control key access quickly and efficiently, it’s difficult to meet the demand that these changes put on your operations. In other words, the small losses start to really add up.

Traka gives you that necessary level of control over your operations by making routine, day-to-day key or equipment access smooth, consistent and easy. For example, a Traka solution integrated to your existing HR or security system, allows users to access key cabinets or laptop lockers with existing card credentials while creating an audit trail of every transaction. Automating these processes makes for easier access, loaning and returning while keeping administration alert of each asset’s use.


Ease of Use

After authenticating via PIN, access card or biometrics, users can access the keys or equipment they need in just seconds. In just a few taps of the touchscreen interface, the item is identified by name or position in the cabinet and then released to the user. When the user is ready to return the item, the process is just as simple. Should the desired item be already in use by another user, Traka can even tell you who has the item, and how to contact them.

Traka systems and very intuitive for administrators as well. With our administration software, the management of Traka systems can be handled on any authorised browser-based device, including tablets and smartphones. Reports, alerts and system data can all be accessed from your central security desk, from across campus, or from across the globe, 24/7.


Tracking user activity is an important concern when it comes to loaning keys or university investments. It’s common for keys to get forgotten in desk drawers, vehicles, or even left at home. When faculty members need to run to a meeting, or if grounds and building services need to come in on weekends, looking for a key is a waste of precious time. However, it can be hard to pinpoint who exactly had which key last.

With Traka’s intelligent key management systems, automation allows for accurate time and activity reporting, so faculty and employees will be held responsible for the keys and assets in their possession. When staff and personnel know that their key and asset use is tracked, they’re also more likely to be mindful of how they use those resources. The result is longer asset life and less expensive rekeying.


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