Traka products are used by many power stations and water companies both in the UK and overseas, even mobile phone telecommunications companies and petrochemical plants.

Traka is used for managing access to keys and assets for a range of applications including:

  • Managing, controlling and auditing key usage for premises, facilities and remote sites
  • Key management to secure areas such as switch rooms, restricted areas and chemical stores
  • Enforcing multilevel authorisation to keys for restricted areas
  • Fleet vehicle key control - to better manage and control usage of vehicles such as fork trucks, electric trucks and fleet vehicles
  • Controlling access to and the usage of tools and specialist equipment such as hoists, lifts and cranes
  • Monitoring and restricting access to laptops, data devices and portable equipment that must be accounted for
  • Managing access to and controlling use of security radios and Airwave handsets
  • Enforced checking to highlight the expiry of an operatives competency certification
  • Controlled access to reserved areas for staff, in particular, contractors
  • Maintenance work that needs to be carried out. Traka can incorporate an automated lockout- tagout process to adhere to Health and Safety regulations.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Mike Hills

Market Development Manager

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Mike Hills