Local Government

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Our key management solutions offer complete solutions for Local Government operations.

Traka’s cutting-edge management solutions are used by Local Governments worldwide to help secure valuable assets and maximize efficiencies.

Managing access to city properties, buildings, vehicles and pooled devices can now be fully managed with our scalable key cabinet systems and intelligent lockers to monitor, control and audit access to virtually any area or asset.

Our advanced key and asset management systems can keep your assets where they are needed most, while being centrally managed from a single database, or regionalized for greater administrative control. With RFID tagging capability, you have the ability to track various user information and offer better control, fewer losses and significantly less time spent on administration. Safely secure valuable assets, buildings and remote areas with Traka’s key management systems and security lockers.

Benefits to Local Government operations:

  • Decentralize keys and assets to reduce the time needed to collect and return items
  • Authorized users can access or return an item in seconds
  • Every user and item transaction is recorded
  • 100% accountability means users act more responsibly with assets
  • Manage numerous Traka systems from one central database
  • Integrate with existing HR or access control platforms, making administration effortless