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Casino Security Lockers

Numerous casinos and other entertainment complexes have been helped by Traka systems in effort to meet Federal, State, Local and Tribal standards, among other requirements. By upgrading their key management with Traka, casinos have not only exceeded common casino requirements, but they’ve benefited from improved processes, key control and complete asset protection.

“Traka systems have been maintenance free, problem-free and easily accessible by authorized key users for the centralized reporting we needed in our casinos.”
– Osage Casinos

Casinos along with other entertainment facilities such as theme parks, aquariums and zoo's need to have a reliable key management system in place not only for security reasons but also health and safety of visitors. Traka systems have gone above and beyond the requirements which now exceed the Internal Control Standards for Class II Gaming.

Traka's casino locker systems provide a full audit trail of every key and user, and with the restricted access levels you can have full visibility of exactly who has access to specific keys, when they have been removed and when they were returned. Safety and Health standards do not need to be compromised with a less than efficient manual process in place. Key management provides a full automated, around the clock, dispensing of keys and assets so manual administration processes can be elimiated.

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