Traka partner, Fleetster has developed an application that integrates with the Traka Touch Intelligent Key Management cabinets to manage and audit fleet vehicle keys.

Fleetster is a web based application which allows for company pool vehicles to form part of a Corporate Car Sharing programme. Corporate CarSharing allows companies to improve utilization of their fleet and generate transparency. This helps reduce cost, while streamlining processes, motivating the workforce and helping the environment through efficient integration of electric vehicles. The fleetster system allows employees to easily book company vehicles for business and personal use with just a few clicks. It’s fast, easy and highly reliable.

The benefits of the system are:

  • It is an innovative cloud application which enables Corporate CarSharing. No local installation, updates, etc. required – just a web browser and ready to go in 5 mins
  • Streamlines all processes around pool vehicles, vehicles that are used by multiple users (typically, there are few processes and very little transparency in this area)
  • Makes  sure that vehicles, which are expensive company assets are utilized to the maximum and generates transparency to support decisions on size and structure of corporate fleets, effecting cost reduction typically around 30%
  • Integrates fully with Traka automated key cabinets to handle the key management process further improving availability to 24/7