TrakaWEB 3.8.1 Software Release

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TrakaWEB 3.8.1 includes includes a number of improvements and fixes, as well as the introduction of great new functionality to enhance ease of system administration, heighten system security where authorization for Item return/removal is key, and strengthen audit and reporting capabilities.

This software upgrade includes the following key components:

  • TrakaWEB 3.8.1
  • Traka Touch 2.7.0
  • Integration Engine v2.10.0

The Packaged Integrations in this release are:

  • Lenel OnGuard v2.6.0
  • Symmetry v2.5.0
  • CLIQ v2.3.0

In addition to a number of fixes and enhancements, TrakaWEB 3.8.1 offers the following feature additions:

Phase II of Multi-Select Multi-Edit capability

Multi EditFollowing on from the introduction of multi-select, multi edit functionality in the last release, where users could make mass changes to user records, this new functionality enables system administrators to add/edit/delete User Curfews and make bulk operations on Items and Item Access Groups.

Item Authorization on Return by User & by User from a Different Group

Multi AuthorizationBuilding on the Authorization on Removal functionality delivered in the previous release, this new functionality prompts the user at the Touch device to seek authorization before being able to complete the return of an Item into a Touch device. It ensures that users are following the proper protocols verified by a trusted authorizer, thus reducing the chance of improper behavior.

Within Software Settings, you can define the membership of “User Groups” such as Authorizer Groups. After the required User Groups have been created, you assign Users to them.

Item AuthorizationYou then select the iFob to which you wish to apply the authorization, open the Features tab and under the Item Authorization banner, you will see listed the new option for specifying the required number of Authorizers for “Authorization required after return”.

As with Authorization on removal, with Authorization on return, you can also stipulate up to three Authorizers and that the Authorizers must be from different groups using the checkbox provided.

Authorizers must be granted access to this iFob

Authorizers Granted AccessThis functionality enables systems administrators to ensure that only authorizers who themselves have access rights to a given iFob can then authorize its removal or return by other users. It is needed to provide tighter control over authorization and item access, and minimizes the chance for wrongdoing.

Central History Report

Central History ReportThis new report enables the user to see details of any changes that have been made to records and settings within TrakaWEB. It provides valuable insight to allow systems administrators to audit system changes.

Historically, this data could only be viewed on the 'History' tab of a single object (e.g. User, iFob). The new report brings all of the History data into a single report that can enable system administrators to audit and track any actions on specific records or look for patterns.

Other enhancements include the following:

Activity Report Pre-Filter Page - provides greater flexibility and control over what activity records are presented at any one time and ensures focused report output.

User Lists Columns Update - The User List can now display an Authorizer group column to show user membership of Authorizer Groups to which they have been assigned.

New Reports for Current Distance & Activity Distance - These two new reports have been provided to enable reporting of mileage traveled by a vehicle or performing a specific activity.

Calendar Control Update - The Calendar Control is now used universally across TrakaWEB to provide a consistent control to aid familiarity across the system.

All documentation and software downloads are available to registered software users on our support website.