Paxton Net2


Now your Paxton Net2 system can manage access to your business keys, physical assets and removable items such as laptop computers, radios, PDA’s, test equipment and much more.

Traka’s Paxton Net2 Integration module allows communication with all Net2 systems V4.18 or higher providing the following key benefits:

  • Reduction in day to day administration overheads managing Traka/Net2 systems
  • Centralised control from familiar Net2 user interface
  • Seamless communication from Net2 to Traka32

Paxton’s Net2 is an advanced access control system allowing control of access to hundreds of doors and up to 50,000 users. The Net2 software provides full control over the system from a user’s desk. Any instructions given to the software are immediately updated at all the doors. Adding users, barring users and changing users’ access permissions are all done from the PC quickly and easily including:

  • Central control
  • Flexible access permissions
  • Reporting