Lenel OnGuard


For everyday management of your Traka system, our integration with OnGuard allows Lenel administrators the ability to seamlessly add cardholders and manage Traka access levels within OnGuard’s administrative screens.

Traka events and alarms are then pushed back into OnGuard alarm monitor for monitoring and audit. The Traka cabinet controllers accept standard wiegand output so Lenel end-users can use their standard card reader hardware for door access with our cabinets.

By leveraging Traka’s awareness of direction in combination with Lenel door access hardware, your system can be easily be configured to support Asset Return Assurance. In secured areas of your facility where entry and exit readers are present, the system can be set up so cardholders must return keys to the Traka cabinets before having a permission to leave that area.


  • Seamless integration allowing Traka system administration from familiar OnGuard environment
  • Significant reduction in administration overhead and consistent data between Traka and OnGuard
  • Cardholder, badge and access level updates to the Traka system in real-time
  • Traka events and alarms exposed to OnGuard alarm monitoring in real-time
  • Control of cardholder facility and area access based on Traka key or asset status – e.g. employees
  • Cannot leave site unless keys are returned to Traka
  • Single credential used for both door access and keys or assets secured in Traka
  • Support for OnGuard segmented systems