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Accommodate between 10 and 60 keys (or key sets) with this innovative key cabinet system.

Traka’s S-Series key cabinets allows for system scalability by adding multiples of 10 key positions as required.

Traka’s S-Series is a sophisticated key management system that has intelligence built in. The key cabinet can operate as a standalone solution that requires no IT network or server to manage the database. Alternatively, it can be networked with our enterprise software platform, Traka Web. A full audit trail of all key transactions is retained within the system, and can also be accessed any time via customized reporting.

Extension cabinets can be connected to the S-Series system allowing up to 540 keys to be managed from a single control pod – expandable to thousands of networked cabinets utilizing Traka Web.

Advanced receptor strips come standard in each S-Series package with multiple auditing and locking options.

S-Series Key Cabinet Benefits

  • Controlled access of keys taken and returned
  • Room to grow – Modular and scalable design allows you to add more key positions
  • Central management of multiple systems throughout your facility, or across the globe

Download the full data sheet on our S-Series key cabinet