Weapons Management


Enhance and Enforce your Weapons Management Protocols

As an organization takes measures to plan for a worst-case scenario, it must evaluate the need for having firearms on site to protect people and property. While this can provide the ability to quickly neutralize a crisis situation, or act as a deterrent for malicious activity, it also creates additional risks and challenges in managing, maintaining and monitoring the weapon inventory.

Traka is trusted by organizations around the world, from three-letter agencies to corporate and university campuses, to better secure and manage their weapons, body cameras, vests, helmets and more. Our custom locker solutions bring intelligent management processes to any armory, adding strict controls for firearm access, and 24/7 visibility over all system activity.

Traka can help enhance and enforce your security protocols by automating the management process. Only authorized users have access to weapons, at the times and under the strict conditions defined by your administration. And when needed, your equipment can be removed by an authorized staff member in just seconds.

Why Traka?

Senior management has a lot to weigh in the consideration of arming security personnel, especially in environments open to the public such as college campuses, hospitals or sports venues. While the need may be clear, it is often concerns around the safe and effective management of weapons that prevents organizations from acting to better equip its public safety officers. 

  • Can we ensure that unauthorized personnel cannot gain access to a firearm, and that authorized officers cannot gain access outside of a scheduled shift?
  • Can we require a secondary authorization from a manager every time a weapon is checked out?
  • Can we retain an audit trail over all firearm access, including who took it and the reason for removal?
  • Can we strictly control access to firearms without hindering our ability to react in an emergency?
  • Can we ensure that officers are provisioned with the required safety equipment when accessing a weapon?
  • Can we give our staff and visitors peace-of-mind in knowing that our weapons are managed safely and effectively, and monitored 24 hours a day?

With Traka, you can!

Locker Features

weapons-locker-stackWith a modular and scalable framework, our locker systems offer flexibility in meeting the needs of your organization, now and in the future. Only authorized users can gain access to the specific items defined by your administrators. All equipment can be uniquely tracked, and a complete audit trail captured for all user and system activity. Depending on your IT security requirements, these systems can operate as standalone solutions, or on a secured network for centralized administration via our browser-based administration software, TrakaWEB.

  • Compartments are customized for your equipment inventory
  • Multiple compartments available per door for personal issue equipment, such as vests and helmets 
  • Uniquely monitor every firearm using discreet RFID tagging that does not impede performance
  • Utilize biometric authentication for the highest level of security
  • Alarm relays can be used to trigger security camera recording or external alarms anytime the system is accessed

weapons locker detail

Software Features

TrakaWEB DevicesTraka software extends the functionality beyond what a simple hardware solution can provide. As a standalone system, the self-contained Traka Touch interface provides administrators all of the critical controls required for the management and auditing of protected equipment. The locker systems can also be managed on a local or wide area network for central and remote management via our suite of software management tools, TrakaWEB. This provides the ability to manage Traka lockers and key cabinets from any authorized computer, and opens a world of additional benefits when integrating with third party systems.

  • Curfews and Notifications - Send email or SMS notifications, should a firearm not be returned on time
  • Reason Logging - Document a reason for every item checkout (routine patrol, special event, cleaning, repair, etc.)
  • Fault Logging - Upon returning equipment to the locker, users can document any issues with the weapon that needs attention (requires cleaning, calibration or repair) with the ability to automatically lock down the item based on a critical fault that may affect performance
  • Multiple Authorizations - Require approval of a second (or even a third) authorizer for the removal of a firearm
  • Access Schedules - Restrict access to specific dates and times, or only during scheduled shifts
  • Release All Doors - Provide instant access to all items when every second counts
  • And much more...

Since every user and item transaction is captured by the system, customizable reports can provide valuable data needed for compliance with internal or mandated audits. 


What makes Traka unlike any other solution for securing and managing access to weapons is our ability to integrate into the critical platforms you already use for managing personnel and physical security. Traka can effectively and efficiently extend the reach of these systems to your weapons inventory, greatly reducing the administrative burden and bringing better visibility and security to all activity in your armory.

Integrations Diagram

Data Integrity
By integrating Traka to your access control, HR or Active Directory database, you can ensure that user data is always synchronized and accurate. You can link user access permissions to job role or department, link access times to scheduled shifts, and instantly and automatically disable a user in Traka should employment be terminated. 

Maximize Visibility
Events and alarms from Traka can be monitored from your access control or security platform, providing centralized visibility from your existing security monitoring environment. Trigger camera capture or audible alarms based on Traka events in order to enhance and improve your response protocols.

Process Control
Traka can be a valuable tool in helping to enforce and monitor the regulation of firearm access at your facility. Integrating Traka into your access control or time and attendance platform means that access can be limited to only authorized staff that are actively clocked in, or can prevent a user from clocking out until all equipment is returned to the Traka system. Would you like to automatically generate a service request when a fault is reported on a long gun? Or perhaps restrict a user’s ability to exit your facility until his/her firearm has been returned to the locker? With an integrated Traka solution, you can open a wealth of possibilities to help improve processes, and create the safest possible environment for managing weapons at your organization.

Note: A Traka intelligent weapons locker is designed to be installed in a secure environment and used to administer and audit the issuing and return of designated weapons. It is not intended to meet the design or safety specifications to be considered a weapons safe, and is not represented or endorsed by Traka to be used for this purpose.

See how a custom Traka Weapons Management solution can provide the security, visibility and accountability critical for a safe and effective armory. Talk your Traka representative today!

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