Property Management

Secure. Manage. Audit.

Traka Property Management provides the intelligent key and equipment management solution you need to secure, manage, and audit your property’s critical keys and assets.

Traka Property Management solutions are designed to address the challenging questions you face every day:

  • How can I control who has access to housing and facility keys?
  • How can I minimize the time spent issuing, collecting, and searching for keys each day?
  • If a key is lost or misplaced, how can I track who last had it?
  • How can I save money by more efficiently managing my property's keys?
  • How can I modify our key management protocols to improve resident safety?

Key cabinets, equipment lockers, and control via dedicated software.

Traka delivers a complete key access and equipment management solution.

How it works

Traka HC Key Cabinets - The core of your solution

Traka’s HC Series of electronic high-capacity cabinets strike the perfect balance of security, reliable performance and ease-of-use to regulate and automate your key management process.

Traka HC Large
Manage over 500 keys
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Traka HC Standard
Manage up to 224 keys
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Traka HC Mini
Manage up to 56 keys
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Gain complete control over your keys and equipment

With Traka, you can:

  • Gain total control and visibility over access to keys and equipment, 24/7.
  • Reduce risks to safety and security for staff and residents alike. 
  • Spend less time trying to locate keys and more time generating income for your business.
  • Gain peace-of-mind knowing your residents are safe and no one can gain unauthorized access to their home.

Crunch the numbers & calculate your savings

Use our ROI calculator to see the impact Traka can make on your bottom line!

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See how Traka helps Orange Lake Resorts keep guests safe

Orange Lake Case Study

"The safety of our guests is always our main priority. They're in their units, enjoying their vacation, sleeping at night just as if they were at home. It should bring guests peace of mind knowing that the staff key that opens their door is secure and in the right hands at all times. With Traka, you can guarantee that because you have the ability to track the keys much better. I would always want all guests to know that we take that as our utmost responsibility to keep those keys secure, and to make sure that they're safe while in one of our units.”

Ralph Larsen - Senior Manager, Security, Orange Lake Resorts

KEYper is now Traka Property Management

Rebranding Video

KEYper’s alignment with Traka Property Management connects your property with the strengths of a global leader in key and access management solutions. Traka, an ASSA ABLOY company, is world-renowned for its exceptional customer service and innovation in delivering property management products worldwide.

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You and your residents deserve the security and reliability of the world’s most trusted name in property management. Find out how Traka can provide the control, peace-of-mind, and cost savings you’ve been searching for.


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