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Intelligent key and equipment management solutions for every Government and Military operation

From local municipalities to federal agencies and military bases, Traka helps secure, manage and audit the use of critical keys, vehicles, shared devices, firearms and other sensitive equipment.

Traka solutions bring the ultimate in security, efficiency and reliable performance with our electronic key cabinets and locker systems. In the most strict IT environments, our systems can function as standalone solutions, with no network connection or additional server required. For greater efficiency and control, Traka key cabinets and lockers can safely run on a local, secured network, and managed using our industry-leading administration software, TrakaWEB. This provides central administration over all Traka systems, and the opportunity for integration with third-party systems, such as access control, HR, ActiveDirectory, time and attendance, and more.

The mismanagement of keys and equipment can put a halt to operations, greatly reduce efficiency or even put lives at risk. Traka allows you to control exactly who has access, and when, while providing a complete audit trail over all system activity.

Why Traka?

Traka management solutions are trusted globally by many of the world’s biggest organizations, in demanding environments requiring very strict controls. Our enterprise management software is developed using stringent security and testing protocols, ensuring that it will meet strict IT security requirements. As part of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, Traka has a long history in delivering reliable, scalable systems at enterprise level, backed by world-class customer service and support.

Better security and efficiency through automated management

There are inherent risks and inefficiencies in the manual management of keys and equipment. A supervisor must be present to issue items to the users that needs them, and should then document when the item is issued and returned. However, this presents the opportunity for human error, misuse or the bypassing of protocol, as well as added time for the supervisor and users each time an item is needed.

Traka automates the delivery and collection of keys and equipment to authorized users, without the need for a supervisor to oversee the process. All of the required controls to access an item are enforced by the system, such as access schedules, curfews or allowances for the number of items that can be checked out per user.

All of this is controlled, monitored and recorded by our administration software to provide system administrators total control and visibility over protected assets.

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Process without compromise

While Traka can offer new and enhanced ways of managing your sensitive assets, it has the features and flexibility needed to uphold your existing management protocols. Need a supervisor to authorize the release of a firearm? Want to notify a facility manager should a key not be returned on time? Need to document vehicle mileage with each use, and deny users access when it’s time for service? Traka can do all this and much more.

Our administration software, TrakaWEB, offers a number of software features to further enhance your management capabilities. Users can be required to select from custom Reason Codes when removing an item, to document why an item is being accessed. Fault Logging enables users to report any functional issues an item may have upon being returned to the system, with the ability to automatically lock down items reported with a critical fault.

For those critical and highly sensitive items which may require additional authority to access, TrakaWEB can require multiple authorizations upon removal. This helps organizations meet operational mandates, while maintaining a complete audit trail over item access, and all user and authorizer activity.

TrakaWEB offers an ever-expanding set of features to help better manage your keys and equipment. All Traka key cabinets and locker systems can be managed centrally, or regionalized by location or department to suit an organization’s needs. Deep reporting capabilities provide valuable insight into system activity, offering actionable data on item usage and user activity to help improve daily processes around the use of your keys, vehicles and equipment.

Key Management

Traka’s intelligent key management solutions ensure total accountability and visibility over protected keys, vehicles and access badges, while providing fast and convenient access to authorized staff. This generates more secure and efficient processes for managing keys in high-volume, high-traffic operations such as military bases, courthouses, federal buildings and municipalities.

  • Define unique access restrictions to facility keys, vehicles and sensitive areas for better security
  • Provide controlled and automated access to authorized users in just seconds via PIN, access badge or fingerprint reader
  • Report key usage, identify when keys are taken and returned, and by whom
  • Automatically alert when keys are not returned on time, via email or SMS
  • Report on mileage, fuel, hours used, and even where a vehicle is parked
  • Automatically prevent access to vehicles with reported faults, or that are scheduled for routine maintenance

Learn more about Traka key management.

Equipment Management

Your organization makes significant investments in equipment critical for communications, productivity and protection. Better management of these shared assets means users are held accountable for their use, resulting in more responsible and efficient utilization, and less broken and damaged equipment. Traka helps ensure that your equipment inventory is providing the most value to your operation.

  • Manage and control the use of laptops, tablets, radios, firearms, PPE and other specialized equipment
  • Uniquely track individual items to know exactly which item is accessed, and when
  • Use integrated charging option to ensure that devices are always charged and ready for use
  • Enable users to identify faulty items upon return to the system, automatically locking it down until it can be repaired or replaced
  • Collect valuable data on item usage to maximize device utilization and reduce the required equipment inventory 

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Drive Process Through Integration

By integrating Traka with your existing HR, access control or other third-party platforms, Traka can extend the reach of these systems to the keys, access badges, devices and equipment critical to your government or military facility. Gain total visibility of these assets from your central security desk, and take better control over the processes that affect your bottom line.

Integration Logos
Through integration, users can be easily populated and managed from an existing database, and their status kept up to the minute to ensure access permissions are always current. Want to guarantee that a set of master keys never leaves your property? Traka can control badge status, preventing users from clocking out or leaving the building until those keys are safely returned. The possibilities are endless.

In itself, Traka management solutions give you total control of your most sensitive assets. With a custom Traka integration to an existing system, these assets now act as an instrument to drive critical processes and automate the management of critical keys and equipment.

Learn more about Traka integrations.


See how Traka empowers local, state and federal government organizations around the world to create more secure and efficient processes around key and equipment management. In a time where things are changing faster than ever - Traka’s experience, innovation and world-class service can be the one constant you can count on. We are here now, and we will be here when the dust settles!

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