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Increase security and efficiency, while reducing administration.

On a large university campus, decentralized management of keys and devices can greatly increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations. And with Traka integrations, your users and access permissions can be updated automatically, making administration effortless.

Securing an educational facility and its valuable assets is not an easy task. With multiple buildings and hundreds of expensive devices spread across campus, it can quickly consume valuable administrative resources.

Traka provides an efficient and effective solution for securing and managing your facility keys, laptops, tablets and other sensitive equipment. By decentralizing, your keys and assets are safely stored where they are needed most, automatically distributed to authorized users, and centrally managed from our intuitive software.

Traka’s secure key cabinets and locker systems can be managed from any authorized computer or device on your network. The time of every user and asset action is recorded, providing full user accountability and valuable reports on usage.

Our solutions can integrate into your existing student database or access control platform, making administration easy, and enabling realtime workflows that improve your operational processes. Traka gives you complete control over your master keys, vendor badges, pooled assets and fleet keys like never before.

Case Study - Rochester Institute of Technology

Key Management

  • Define unique access restrictions to facility keys and sensitive areas for asset and student safety
  • Require multi-level authorization in order to release critical keys
  • Report key usage, identify when keys are taken and returned, and by whom
  • Automatically alert when specific keys are removed or not returned on time, via email or SMS

Asset Management

  • Manage and control the use of laptops, tablets, radios, vehicles, tools and specialized equipment 
  • Items are secured in our intelligent lockers and automatically distributed to authorized users only
  • Create a controlled environment, so users are 100% accountable for the items they use
  • RFID tagging can be used to uniquely identify every device
  • Our administration software gives you full visibility of every controlled asset