Traka intelligent management solutions are customised to impact the daily processes that drive your prison facility, resulting in greater security, safety and overall efficiency, while reducing operating costs and mitigating risk.

Traka systems are in use 24/7 in many critical and demanding environments, including private and public sector prisons in the UK. 

Strict access control and precise management of valuable assets is of paramount importance within any prison environment. Traka’s proven and reliable solutions enable you to better manage access to your keys, radios, weapons, vehicles and other pooled assets – and by integrating with your existing third-party platforms, we can drive your processes like never before, making your operation more effective and efficient.

Through our electronic key cabinets and intelligent lockers every event is recorded, generating more responsible users, and complete visibility for your sensitive and protected items.

Key management solutions

Control and manage access to prison officer keys for secured areas, vehicles, specialised equipment and more to ensure they never get past the secure perimeter.


  • Define unique access restrictions to specific key sets
  • Securely store keys where they are needed most, while managing them from a central location
  • Real-time and centralised activity reporting - identify when keys are taken and returned, and by whom
  • Allow staff to temporarily deposit their keys when it is not practical to return their keys to the main gate
  • Automatic email notifications and alarms to instantly alert administrators to critical events
  • Can integrate with third-party systems to ensure that keys or badges never leave your facility

Equipment management solutions

Traka’s equipment management solutions can be used to securely control the use of body worn cameras, incapacitate spray, medications, mobile phones, visitor property, weapons and more.


  • Items are secured in our intelligent lockers and automatically distributed to authorised users
  • Create a controlled environment, so users are 100% accountable for the items they use
  • Integrated power charging and data connections are available to ensure that devices are always ready for use
  • RFID tagging can be used to uniquely identify every device
  • Collect valuable data on item usage to reduce inventory
  • Set item allowance to ensure only the correct equipment is taken into the prison

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