Control de muelles

Intelligent control and safety management for loading bays

When a HGV trailer is decoupled and parked against a loading bay door there is a heightened risk of “drive offs” whereby the wrong trailer is moved or pulled away from the bay door before the loading operation is complete. The implications, should this occur, are significant often resulting in serious injury and even death. Traka’s intelligent DockSafe solution isolates the trailer and is interlocked directly with the relevant dock door control mechanism to ensure a safe working environment is maintained until the loading operation is complete.

What are the benefits?

  • Eliminate drive offs by ensuring that drivers cannot pull trailers away from Goods Out bays before the loading bay door has been made safe
  • A fully audited system – drivers details and actions are recorded and traceable
  • Increased safety compliance and safer use of shunter vehicles
  • Improve warehouse security
  • Minimise human error
  • A fully integrated system offering both Goods In and Goods Out dock door control
  • Reports can be generated and information stored indefinitely