Military and Defence

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The Military and Defence sector has many unique applications to ensure that complete health, safety and security standards are met. Traka can provide high security solutions for securing guns, weapons and ammunition, fleet vehicles, keys for secure areas and facilities, as well as lockers for personal issue and pool devices.

Traka is the leading worldwide specialist in intelligent key and asset management solutions. We manufacture secure cabinets and locker systems that allow you to control and audit who has access to your valuable keys and assets- keeping them out of the wrong hands.

Traka systems are fully automated nagating the need for staff to manually issue keys and equipment, saving more time for work in the field. With Traka you maintain a full audit trail of who has access to which keys and equipment, and when. We can even go as far as ensuring that your staff dont leave the premise while they are still in possession of valuable assets or sensitive keys. Traka intelligent lockers and key cabinets are operated using our powerful software and can be fully integrated with your current access control systems.

For more information about how traka can help secure your sensistive keys and assets within the military and defence sector, please contact Ben Farrar at