Equipment management solutions


Traka lockers solutions enable you to track your assets via our unique RFID technology. You can charge your devices so that they are always ready to issue and securely store valuable items so they don’t get into the wrong hands.

About our intelligent locker solutions 

Traka offers secure intelligent locker solutions for controlled access to a range of industries:

In environments where shared portable equipment is not always treated with respect and is prone to being lost, damaged or misplaced, the ability to identify who last used a specific piece of equipment and when, can provide essential management information. 

Traka's locker solutions provides a very effective way to control access and trace the usage of equipment. At the same time Traka introduces significantly higher levels of user accountability and hence responsibility which often results in less damage, fewer losses and reduced operating costs for your business.

Traka locker solutions can be networked with our Traka software so that you have full visibility and reporting capabilities of each transaction, asset and user. Alternatively, our system can also be standalone allowing you to program user access levels and administration rights straight into the locker and export data via a USB port.

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