Steve Newell

"Traka has been part of my life for 20 years and I cannot recommend them enough as a good fair employer"

What first attracted you to work at Traka?
I was offered a role within Traka to help build the original key cabinets as there was only 3 other employees and Traka had just won an order from British Airways. At the exact same time I was offered a role as a warehouse manager in an established motorcycle clothing company. After some thought I decided to take the gamble and go with Trakas offer. What attracted me to this role was the fact it was a unique product and I felt that it would be a challenge to see if we could push this system out to everyone that needed to control their keys. Yes, it was a gamble. I remember John Kent (original owner) telling me at my interview that in 6 months’ time we may well not have any further orders and I may be out of a job. However, I took the gamble and so glad I did.
What do you like most about working at Traka?
Atmosphere is good between staff, staff are looked after very well and it is a good clean environment to work in.
Tell us about the best part of your role at Traka?
Different Challenges each day. I enjoy looking after a large team. I get good job satisfaction from seeing my team hit their targets each week and also enjoy helping with any problems to fulfil these targets. I like to think that I keep up moral by giving all staff the respect they deserve and get to know their individual personalities so I can help them through any problems not only work related but also personal issues.
How would you rate your work-life balance?
In the earlier days at Traka it was difficult due to the smaller teams and having to cover more than one role within the business. We now have different departments and it has become easier now to leave work at work and enjoy home life without taking work home.
What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?
Over the years I have seen major growth in Traka and obviously major changes. I think what motivates me the most is seeing people’s success with moving through the business. From a personal point of view I have my own sons who have also shared the success of Traka and I have pushed many others to succeed within the business. So the success of the staff and business is what motivates me.
What's your most recent accomplishment at work?
We are growing very rapidly and I highlighted that we needed more space. With the support of my boss and the company we have had an extension built on the back of Production which enabled us to move the packing department into thus gaining more production room. I worked with the contractors and builders to help organise and pull the project together. Then with the foresight of my Supervisor Pauline we re-laid out the production areas to make it more efficient.
How would you describe the culture at Traka?
Very Professional corporate business but with a much laid back approach and family feel.
Would you recommend Traka as an employer?
Most definitely yes. Traka has been part of my life for 20 years and I cannot recommend them enough as a good fair employer. We have won the Queens award on a number of occasions which speaks for itself. Although there was a short period where it wasn’t the best place to be and staff turnover was poor I stuck with it and glad I did as it now is back to being a solid strong and fair company to work for.