"There is a real positive environment here, there is a healthy banter blended with a real desire to produce both reliable and innovative products"

What first attracted you to work at Traka?
When I was first informed of the job via my recruitment agency, I was excited that an opportunity had arisen to join a fast growing innovative company that placed large value on providing opportunities for growth for their employees. I had previously worked for the defence industry, which was stable environment, but lacked the “fresh thinking” of Traka.
What do you like most about working at Traka?
There is a real positive environment here, there is a healthy banter blended with a real desire to produce both reliable and innovative products.
Tell us about the best part of your role at Traka?
My work here is extremely varied, I have regular contact with subsidiaries with UK, Europe, and in more recent times globally, this is again made all the more rewarding as people truly have the desire to forge good working relationships which leads to great collaboration in “getting the job done”. I feel empowered to make decisions here, knowing I have the support of a great team who are prepared to go the extra mile, as and when required to do so.
How would you rate your work-life balance?
I may well of scored “higher”, but part of my passion to do well in my role, means I do take my work home, at times in terms of taking and making calls and emails in order to support getting high priority projects addressed and progressed. Something I have really appreciated with this company is the support I have received in terms of recognising my responsibilities as a carer for my father, there have been a few occasions when I have had to rush to assist him and this has been very much supported by HR and my line managers.
What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?
The enthusiastic “can do” attitude of TRAKA, is almost “addictive”, the buzz that surrounds working here at TRAKA truly motivates you to try your best in fulfilling your role here. I haven’t felt this buzz towards my working day since I used to work in a busy engineering department producing Pianos, early on in my career.
What's your most recent accomplishment at work?
I feel that I have played at least a small part in the hiring of our most recent student, into our department. He has really added additional skill and resource to our team. Aside from this, I am very proud to have forged good working relationships with our subsidiaries at a European/global level.
Do you believe we give authentic recognition in the workplace?
My line manager gives me good feedback in terms of the work I am performing, he has increasingly been seen to help raise my profile, by giving me involvement at “higher level” activities within the business.
Do you think that Traka offer adequate opportunities for promotions and career development?
There is a culture of “recruiting from within”, which has led to many colleagues from being promoted up through the ranks.
How would you describe the culture at Traka?
On the whole there is a collaborative and people centred culture, where people are encouraged to have face to face discussions rather than email “ping pong”, people’s views and opinions are listened to regardless of their role within the organisation.
Would you recommend Traka as an employer?
Yes I would recommend Traka, indeed I have done so already to friends who have been considering a career change. This has been based around my very positive personal experience for many of the reasons I have highlighted previously within this document. Moving from the defence industry, has been a great career move for me, I have been far more able to obtain training and career development, working on a much larger range of “new” products than I would have been able to previously. Yes the role comes with stresses, but as my wife has commented to me, I have a LOT more enthusiasm for my role here at Traka!