The Future of Asset Solutions for Airports


According to an article on, Changi Airport Group (CAG) is launching a program that will invest up to $50 million to partner with companies and start ups to find technology solutions to implement in airports.

The “Living Lab” will allow for CAG and partners in the airport community to co-create, test and demonstrate new solutions in an effort to create a futuristic airport environment.

The CAG is looking to develop in four areas of technology innovation and adoption, including, automation and robotics, data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), non-intrusive security and smart infrastructure management. As global leaders in key and asset management, Traka already provides products and technology that complement this initiative.

1. Automation and robotics

Automation and robotics will be critical in eliminating human error and inefficiency associated with manual processes. For example, Traka Lockout/Tagout adds an automated level of protection to locking down potentially hazardous areas so maintenance or repair work can be carried out safely. Whether working on a baggage carousel, security equipment or machinery on the tarmac, this ensures that all power is off and cannot be reactivated until all authorized keys are returned, at which point power will automatically be restored to the system.

2. Data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Traka key cabinets and lockers record every user and asset transaction in real time, holding users fully accountable, while providing valuable data on the usage of keys and devices. This will add to a more accurate and real-time perspective of airport operations, which will allow airports to better optimize their operational processes, and power smarter decision-making. 

3. Non-intrusive security technologies 

Incorporating data analytics adds a heightened sense of security that will allow airports to get rid of intrusive security technologies. By being able to track valuable assets that are already in use by facility personnel, managers and administrators will be more aware of who is on site and in what capacity they are working. This can provide some insight for areas that have no mechanism for monitoring and data collection. There is also the ability to integrate with existing third-party systems, easing the burden of administration and presenting unique opportunities for controlling critical processes. Traka can essentially extend the reach of systems already in use each day to the keys and valuable assets that lack effective and efficient management.

4. Smart infrastructure management 

With Traka’s unique RFID solutions, each asset is individually tagged, enabling managers to know whether it has been returned safely and is ready for use by the next user. Traka solutions operate on a browser-based administrative platform eliminating problems with regionalization, as one administrator can oversee all regions from a central location. This means as airport facilities and operations expand, they can maintain centralized control over critical assets from any location, thus optimizing infrastructure resources and maximizing asset utilization.

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