Bank Key Solutions

Banks and financial facilities are some of the most secure buildings worldwide, but due to the amount of valuable assets stored within the facilities, they cannot afford to have any security slip ups.

Traka's bank asset management software systems and bank asset tracking solutions not only lock sensitive keys in place, restrict access to authorized users only and provide a full audit trail of every key movement but specific restrictions can be set up to ensure a higher level of security and safety is met. One solution that has been specifically designed for a world leading bank is called Vault Pairing. When accessing a secure vault, most facilities require two members of staff to be present when unlocking and entering. Our bank key management solutions mean that when one member of staff removes one of the vault keys, the other is locked in place so that another member of staff is required to access the second key. As the bank asset management software system monitors exactly who has removed which key, each is then accountable for their key until the job has been completed successfully and then returned to the cabinet.

Another application that can be enabled is the Alert Trigger; if the building is under threat then one key position can be linked through the bank asset management software system relay to the bank alarm therefore notifying the police that there is a problem in a discrete manner.

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