Laptop Lockers

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What would a lost laptop mean for your organization?

Our laptop locker solutions enable businesses to better protect their technology and intellectual property, while gaining complete visibility and improving critical processes.

Traka's laptop lockers enable you to secure, audit and manage your valuable technology investment, resulting in 100% user accountability, better utilization and a significant reduction in loss or damage.

With a complete audit trail over all user activity and real-time notifications, users naturally act more responsibly and efficiently with company assets. This means less theft, less damage, and increased productivity with technology usage.

Traka’s Laptop Locker Features:

  • Centrally managed and controlled by Traka Web, allowing you to allocate devices to specific users at specific times 
  • RFID tagging option identifies when each asset has been accessed, and by which user 
  • Instant notifications can be sent if a device is not returned by a designated time 
  • Available integrated charging ensures that laptops are always ready for use 
  • Fault logging and notifications can be used to lock damaged or faulty items in place, and automatically notify IT of the issue 
  • Easy integration with HR and student databases, or existing access control systems to reduce administration
  • PIN code, access badge and biometric authentication options
  • Authenticated users can easily check out and return items in seconds

Our laptop management solutions work for:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Research Facilities
  • Government Facilities
  • And More...