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Key cabinets

Intelligent key management

Giving access to buildings, facilities, secure areas, equipment, machinery, lockers, cabinets and vehicles; keys are one of your organisation's most important assets.

On a conventional site, any attempt to manage keys usually relies on a book in which cursory details of keys taken and returned are entered by hand and confirmed by an illegible signature - an arrangement that is inefficient, unreliable and makes tracing keys an almost impossible task.

With a Traka solution there is a much better way...

Turn your keys into clever keys

At the heart of the system is the Traka iFob. These bullet shaped devices contain a chip which provides a unique electronic ID. Once attached to an iFob, individual keys or keysets are effectively electronically tagged. Keys are permanently attached to an iFob with a robust security seal. Each iFob is then assigned a specific port within a Traka key cabinet and locked in place until released by an authorised user.

Restricting access to authorised users

Once the appropriate user profiles and key details have been entered into the system, Traka ensures that only authorised users are allowed access to the key cabinet – and only then to designated keys. The system automatically records when a key is used and by whom on a central database. And this information is available via the cabinet’s data display or on the administrator’s PC.

Controlling access times

Providing enhanced control and security, the times at which keys are available to specific staff can be defined using Traka’s management software. Entry to particular rooms – and the use of certain facilities – by cleaners or service staff, for example, can be restricted to certain times of the day, to fit with shift patterns. Alternatively, a ‘key curfew’ can be applied, setting the time by which a key must be returned. In addition, keys can be booked in advance ensuring, for example, that a particular room or vehicle is reserved for an important function.

Recording user information

An asset's last user can be a useful source of information. When an iFob is returned to its key cabinet, the user can be requested to record details such as mileage and parking bay, and/or report any faults or repairs that may be needed.  Where a serious fault is reported the relevant keys can be ‘locked-down’ immediately, so they are unavailable to anyone other than a service engineer.

As used by...

Because of the advanced management control features, and the flexibility offered by our modular design, Traka's intelligent key management systems are now widely used in a broad spectrum of organisations, including...

  • Airports & Docks
  • Hospitals & Libraries
  • Schools & Universities
  • Banks & Finanicial organisations
  • Retail stores
  • Commercial businesses
  • Distribution & Logistics centres,
  • Prisons, Police and Local Authorities
  • Central Government
  • Factories & Manufacturing plants
  • Power Stations & Petrochemical plants

In-depth management information

Allowing long term records to be held and continuously updated, the system’s Traka32 software will ensure you’re able to monitor and record key usage, and compile a comprehensive range of management information, enabling you to:

  • Check when a key is taken and returned, and by whom
  • Identify keys that have not been returned once an allocated period of time has elapsed
  • Determine how often particular keys are used, and for exactly how long
  • Notify a line manager or supervisor by email or SMS text of an alert situation

Information is stored in the Traka32 system database where it can be accessed by authorised administrators. With Traka there’s no more argument about who has damaged a vehicle, received a speeding fine, accessed a secure area or misplaced a piece of important equipment – all the information you need is on file.

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